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Setting up 
a start-up venture in Europe?

We are working to pioneer the start-up scene in Cyprus by providing a platform to support ventures and connect local talent with well-established VC firms and resources. We are always scouting for exciting new projects and ways to elevate the Cyprus venture ecosystems by looking for synergies and new networking opportunities.

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With long-standing international experience in recruitment, project management and building successful teams, we facilitate a deep-rooted network of advisers, mentors, capital and support frameworks for projects trying to break a unique idea into market. We pride ourselves in our ability to move talent forward, as well as sourcing critical new talents for ongoing projects – whether its co-founders, partners, service providers or supply chain. Our key markets in elevating existing teams or sourcing new talent are Cyprus, London and Serbia.


Building upon a 20-years industry experience and networks, VIZ VENTURES is heavily integrated in the Cyprus business arena as well as work on multiple strategic projects for reputable multinational companies. Our network is our biggest strength, working with top executives on strategic consulting, strategic initiatives and partnerships as well as managing stakeholders. We provide services that leverage this influence to help strategize and execute on the business plan.

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We love to create new value propositions and create ideas from scratch. It is our belief that great minds work best with complete operational freedom, and it's our goal to facilitate an environment in which creators can flourish. VIZ are involved with several European ventures as investors, advisers, local representation and as a bridge to heavier capital and investors through our networks.

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