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INTernational ENterprising CommunITY

INTENCITY stands for INTernational ENterprising CommunITY an idea that came to mind to our founder Victoria back in 2019. Incubated by VIZ VENTURES, launch of INTENCITY took place in January 2020 as a vetted / curated community of entrepreneurs, founders, tech and venture minded people, cheering for and positively contributing to each-other's success and making Cyprus startup and entrepreneurial ecosystem a bit more exciting:-)

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Digital First

Digital-first since March 2020 due to covid/accelerated expansion. Meet-ups from time to time organised online and/or offline, themed gatherings and onboarding new members. There are NO set-up meetups and venues, playing it by ear and good momentum (i.e. everyone's interest / availability)

Diversity & Inclusion 

Embracing 'diversity & inclusion of talent' based in / from Cyprus (Limassol to start with, rolled later throughout the island - members from Nicosia, Larnaca and Paphos area). Striving to have a balance of genders, backgrounds (blend of tech, business and other i.e. legal, marketing, community building, medical field even); female founders and investors (angels, accelerators and VCs) super-welcome!

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Tech founders, small business, solopreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs community, as long as they are venture / tech enthusiasts, investors (angels / VCs) in, or providing services to, startups (Europe is our key playground but we do look up to and want to learn from the Silicon Valley and other advanced ecosystems :-)

Being in that 'smart room' for exchange of views and opinions

Sharing news, updates and resources, invitations to events and similar, in Cyprus and/or virtual events

Supporting each-other with own ventures, exploring ideas, synergies, but also validating ideas, crowdsourcing useful input etc

Cheering each-other, and celebrating milestones, achievements and overall learning journey of a founder and an entrepreneur

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